Guest access

Users can now invite people external to their team as guests, providing them with view access to individual database diagrams. This is especially useful for sharing private diagrams securely with temporary contractors, auditors, or stakeholders outside the team.

🌟 Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed issue when inviting team members or groups without also inviting a guest

  • Fixed a bug where the diagram edit modal was not showing on the dashboard/diagram listing page

  • Fixed the slow load time of the "Members & Groups" page

User Groups

Following the release of the revamped diagram permissions, we've added User Groups, which would allow easier bulk assignment of diagram permissions to a common group of users. We've also added a config so that you can define default group(s) that will be automatically assigned for each new diagrams.

Refer to the docs on User Groups to learn more.

🌟 Improvements and Fixes

  • Allow length to be specified when setting default column datatype, eg: CHAR(36)

Diagram-level access control

We have deployed a major revamp of diagram permissions. Previously, every team member had access to all diagrams in the team. The admin could determine whether it was view-only access (e.g., observers) or full access (e.g., editors).

With today's release, you can now configure access permissions on a per-diagram and per-user basis. Any user can be granted view-only access, edit access, or admin access to individual diagrams. This new feature provides even greater flexibility in managing data access, particularly for larger teams.

For more information on diagram-level permissions, please refer to the additional documentation available here.

🌟 Improvements and Fixes

  • Fix exporter handling of default values with keywords

  • Fix exporter generating non-valid syntax when columns have auto-increments attribute

Sorting and improved loading time for diagrams listing page

The diagrams index page is one of the most frequently used pages but has not received much attention since its inception. As teams are now creating even more diagrams, it is becoming increasingly challenging to browse and locate the desired diagram. The slow page load speed exacerbates this issue.

This week, we have added sorting options to address this. Diagrams can now be sorted by their creation date, updated date (the default), or alphabetically. Moreover, we have significantly improved the page load speed. We identified and resolved two main bottlenecks that were causing this slowness:

  1. Presigned urls for the diagram images were loaded sequentially, and these were performed in sync with the main diagram listing query.

  2. We had a N+1 query issue that had snuck into the main query

  3. We were needlessly loading the entire diagram schema for each diagram

Overall, users should notice a considerable improvement in the page's performance with this update.


Finally, a long-awaited feature enabled by our new backend rebuild has arrived. We occasionally hear painful stories of users losing their work due to sudden interruptions or simply forgetting to hit the save button. Autosave does not completely prevent data loss, but it effectively minimizes any lost effort by autosaving at 5-minute intervals.

🌟 Improvements and Fixes

  • Importer to parse column comment and column datatype params (MySQL)

  • Set a default table name if it's empty

  • Fixed missing length param for VARCHAR datatype (SQL Server)

  • Fixed incorrect default length for VARCHAR and CHAR datatypes