A brief overview of what makes DrawSQL the perfect tool for creating database model diagrams.


Have an existing database you want to visualise? Import its SQL script to automatically generate a diagram.

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Download diagrams as SQL (DDL) scripts to run against your database, or as an image to include in your documentation.

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Framework Integrations

Generate Laravel Migrations from your diagram automatically, with support for other frameworks in the works.

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Granular Permissions

Built for teams. Per diagram & per user permissions allow you to control who can view or edit your diagrams.

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200+ database diagrams of popular apps and packages. Browse for inspiration or add them directly into diagrams.

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Private Diagrams Pro

Restrict access to your diagrams. Private diagrams do not appear in public search, and you have full control over diagram access.

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Version History Pro

Tag version checkpoints for your diagram as it evolves, preview and revert to a previous version if required.

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Teams Pro

Invite others into the team to collaborate on your database diagrams. Work together to document your models.

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Guest access

Grant access for external users to view your private database diagrams.

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Public Link

Share diagrams with external stakeholders by sending them a (view-only) public access link.

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Presentation Mode

Present diagrams on the big screen. Useful for team meetings and tech discussions.

Relational DBMS

Full support for the 3 popular DBMS - MySQL (MariaDB), PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

Clone Diagrams

Duplicate diagrams into an existing or new diagram, useful for boilerplate sections that are re-used across apps.

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Beautiful Shares

Showcase your public diagrams to your network. DrawSQL generates pretty preview cards on all social networks.


Diagrams can be easily embedded into your documentation (e.g. Confluence, Notion) or blog posts and will be automatically synced with updates.

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