Version history

🔒 Versioning is a feature available to DrawSQL 'Growth' and 'Enterprise' users.

It's sometimes useful to track changes made to your diagrams as it evolves, so that you can later preview a previous state of a diagram, and revert back if necessary.

Tag a new version

You can tag the current state of your diagram at anytime to create a checkpoint for future references. To tag a new version:

  1. Click the arrow dropdown next to the Save button in the top right of the diagram editor, then click on Tag a new version
  2. In the modal popup, enter a name for this version and optionally add a note for this version, then save.

Tag a new version trigger

Tag a new version modal

List previous versions

  1. Click on File in the top nav, then Version history
  2. In the modal popup, you'll see a list of all previously tagged verions for the diagram Listing of previous versions

Preview a previous version

From the list in the previous step, click on the preview button on any of the listing. A read-only preview of the diagram will show in a new tab.

Restoring a previous version

From the versions list, click on the restore button on any of the listing.


Restoring a previous version will overwrite the current diagram. If you'd like to stash the current diagram state, either clone the diagram or tag a new version prior to restoring.

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